Lost Wishes Help Files

Usage: prompt 
       prompt default   (reset prompt to default)

  Prompt variables:
	$CMDNR		command number
	$MUDNAME	mud name
	$NAME		your name

	$HP		hit points
        $MAXHP          maximum hit points
	$PCTHP		percent of max hit points
	$SP		spell points
	$MAXSP		maximum spell points
	$PCTSP          percent of max spell points

	$MONEY		total money in platinum coins
	$KILLS		number of kills
	$TARGET         current target
	\n              insert a newline


	prompt HP: $HP/$MAXHP  SP: $SP/$MAXSP>

Note: prompt is available for those who wish to use it but most players
prefer to use the autohp command as it more advanced and all guilds
have their own special 'hp bar'.

See Also: autohp, hp