Lost Wishes Areas

Lost Wishes MUD is made up of four unique Domains, each with dozens of areas.

Mainland Mainland is a diverse land, lush forests, rolling plains, towering mountains, and vast oceans surround the thriving City of Windaria.

Emerald Emerald, the domain of isles, ruled by the King of the Emerald Isle, is torn by the pull of good and evil. You will find a variety of monsters, both friendly and evil to make your adventure complete.

Esdragen Esdragen, the land of four magicks, was once united and balanced. Torn apart by powerful Sorcerers longing to have control. Within Esdragen, you will find four realms, Dark, Light, Past, and Future, each ruled by it's own Sorcerer.

Nautica Nautica is a vast domain of islands, each separated by miles of ocean. Explore the ocean on your ship, and find countless lands full of adventure.