Lost Wishes Help Files

LPmud		DIKUmud		ABERmud			TINYmud

help		help		help			help
quit		quit		quit			QUIT
who		who		who			WHO
look at 	look at 	look at 		look 




= say say say say " ' " " emote emote emote pose : - / : describe - describe @describe me = set TITLE - change title me %s @doing Comments ======== ABERs and DIKUs are not case sensitive. LPs and TINYs are. LPmuds send lines without returns on as prompts. This can confuse some clients, so if you are using tinyfugue read /help lp LPmuds don't have command completion (but check the help entries for alias, nickname and history to see what they do have instead). As well as the "emote" command, LPmuds have some pre-written emotes to save typing. Type "semote" to list them.