Lost Wishes Help Files

Artifacts are relics of the gods. Although they may not be usable by normal players,
followers of the god may be interested in obtaining them from you.

    Artifact            God (who wants)
   Berserker's Blade    (Mogrin)
   Book of Knowledge    (Rhaylin)
   Bowl of Blood        (Ciramos)
   Cloak of Bones       (Ansalee)
   Coin of Fate         (Heren)
   Crystal Shield       (Jera)
   Crystal Vial         (Galanus)
   Deep-Sea Trident     (Lithen)
   Golden Cistern       (Celestine)
   Hunting Horn         (Helcyd)
   Moon Mirror          (Astyr)
   Obsidian Dagger      (Serandel)
   Mriswith Fang        (Anifey)
   Notched axe          (Craydan)
   Purse of Giving      (Avosir)
   Storm Bowl           (Tymest)
   Sun Stone            (Anar)
   Sword of Right       (Palim)

For more info: see help gods.