Bandit Guild

Hiding in the shadows, the Bandit waits... The Bandit is waiting to strike out with a knife and thrust it into the back of its victim. The thought of the blade striking home with deadly precision gives the Bandit a subtle and patient bloodlust. Bandits are masters of the wilderness, and as they learn more of the wilderness they gain new insights into the workings of herbs, both healing and poisonous. This insight allows them to create more potent poisions which they apply to their weapon, and to get more benefit out of each healing herb. A Bandit in combat will use any dirty trick avaiable to him, from throwing dirt in the enemy's face to kicking the enemy in the family jewels. Bandits have one of the most powerful and damaging starts to combat, the backstab. As they train, the chance of success increases along with the amount of damage it can deal.

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