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User: viresse

Title: Coffee is Viresse An'lume's friend.
Name: Viresse An'lume                 In real life: Greg                    
Race: Halfling                        Gender: Male                          
Directory: /u/v/viresse/              Domain: Central (Root)                
Status: Admin (Mudlib, LAW, Balance, QC, Quests, Docs, Donator, Downgrades)
Spouse: Minx
Best solo kill: Strangely Familiar Rabbit (class 31668)
Arch foe: King Kerstanbob (class 7862) <avenged>
Age: 2 years 9 weeks 2 days 12 hours 36 minutes
Last on: Tue Apr 19 12:51:53 2011 
Viresse has not read 26 of his 26 pieces of mail.
No Plan.

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