Emerald Areas

Land Areas

Alshar Forest Alshar Forest
Makar Forest Makar Forest, home to many creatures and the kingdom of Krumb. It lies just to the east of new Avalon. The Werewolf Guild is located somewhere along its edges.
Saka Plains This is a large land mass of plains south of New Avalon. It covers most of the southern half of The Emerald Isle.
Shed'car Mountains Theses are large mountain to the north of New Avalon. They cover most of the northern half of The Emerald Isle.


Astroplane Astroplane
Battlefield Battlefield
Blushing Lodge Blushing Lodge
Castle of Grief Castle of Grief
Challenge Arena of Elderan Challenge Arena of Elderan
Church Ruins Church Ruins
Circus Extravaganza Circus Extravaganza
City of Aldea City of Aldea
City of New Avalon The great city of New Avalon is the largest and most important city on The Emerald Isle. The magnificent city is ruled by queen Rayven and she governs with a fair and just hand.
Cursed Castle Cursed Castle
Dark Cathedral The Dark Cathedral is where the Orcs worship their evil god of bloodlust and battle. It is also know as the Cathedral of the Bloody Hand.
Dark Crystal Refuge Dark Crystal Refuge
Dark Woods Dark Woods
Darkwood They came seeking lumber... What luck that it was so close to New Avalon But it seemed strange that it was never entered before... Perhaps DARKWOOD is just a name...But I think the SCREAMS say otherwise.
Desert Oasis Desert Oasis
Dragen Hills Dragen Hills
Druid Grove Druid Grove
Durkath's Castle For the burly and adventuresome warrior, deep in the Shed'car Mountains, you can find Durkath's Castle.
Emerald Coast Emerald Coast
Emerald Tomb Emerald Tomb
Enigmatic Glen Enigmatic Glen
Forest of Beasts Forest of Beasts
Gem Mountain The great riches of the north. The gem mountain contains gems of all flavors of the rainbow. Seek out your riches, and discover the true power of the gems. While you are there carve a permanent message into the sweetheart's tree.
Gnome Village Gnome Village
Halloween Pumpkin Patch Halloween Pumpkin Patch
Imperial City Imperial City
Imperial Palace Imperial Palace
Isle of Terror The Isle of Terror is a small isle off the eastern coast The Emerald Isle. It has been transformed into a land of evil many years ago. Now, evil beasts roam its lands terrorizing anyone brave enough to go there. It is said that peace can be brought back to it with the power of the runestone that lies hidden there.
Isle of War A small island off the coast of The Emerald Isle. This is an island where two nations are constantly at war. The whole island is their battlefield.
Kingdom of Elderan A proud kingdom located on the southern reaches of Emerald. The King there keeps to himself, surrounded by his faithful knights. Much to see within the great city itself. The citizens will welcome you and the mayor will encourage you to stay.
Marshlands Marshlands
Misty Cavern Misty Cavern
Necromancers Necromancers
New Avalon Park New Avalon Park
New Avalon Sewers You can venture down below new avalon into its dark, damp sewers. It is a dark and creepy maze with the unknown around every corner.
Orc Camp The Orc Camp is where the Orc Army has gathered for an assault on new Avalon.
Port City of Halmouth Port City of Halmouth
Ranger Station Ranger Station
Ruins of Lolthan The ruins of Lolthan, is the home to an evil Lich, whos protective magics are failing, allowing for access to his domain.
Ruins of Vitara This is a once peaceful and colorful civilization. now, it is nothing but ruins. Curiousity brings a lot of adventurers to Vitara, but not very many leave.
Spiders' Lair Spiders' Lair
Swashbucklers Ship DARKNESS The Swashbucklers Ship DARKNESS is a ship docked on an isolated pier in the middle of nowhere... It transports slaves and illeagal cargo.
Temple of Ages Temple of Ages
Temple of Varasca'dar Temple of Varasca'dar
The Great Valley of the Shadar The Great Valley of the Shadar
Town of Darkmoore Darkmoore is a port city, linking the Saka Plains with the rest of The Emerald isle. Come to Darkmoore and see the Swashbucklers or to get a tattoo from Lee.
Village of Elmet Village of Elmet


Thieving Goblin Thieving Goblin
Bard's Folly Bard's Folly
Emerald Passport Quest Emerald Passport Quest
Gem Waterfall Gem Waterfall
Help the Sage Help the Sage
Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution
The Double Cross The Double Cross
Diamond Hunter Diamond Hunter
Ranger Quest Ranger Quest
Quest of Elderan Quest of Elderan
Isle of Terror Isle of Terror
Fortune Teller Quest Fortune Teller Quest
Xym's Conscience Xym's Conscience
Temple of Ages Temple of Ages
The Fog The Fog

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