Area Description

Area Name: City of New Avalon
Creator: Eryx
Created: Tue Aug 8 14:59:39 1995
Level: all
Secrets: 4
Quests: 8 (152-Scavenger Hunt, 56-Help the Sage, 83-Diamond Hunter, 136-Xym's Conscience, 51-Emerald Passport Quest, 132-Kensaro'sayes Amulet, 113-Aquatic History, 36-Scientific Specimens)
The great city of New Avalon is the largest and most important city in the Emerald Isle. It is the political, economic and social center of thousands of people from many races and cultures. The city is flanked on its western edge by the Alshar forest and the Makar forest on its eastern edge. The Saka Plains are to the south and the Shed'car plains and mountains are to the north.

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