Lost Wishes Races

There are a number of different races on Lost Wishes. Each has their own stats and unique abilities.
TrollTall, powerful creatures that regenerate quickly
DryadNature loving tree nymphs
HumanAverage in all stats, ability to teleport between churches
SatyrMale spirits of nature known for their charisma
DriderCursed drow who are now spider-like.
GiantExtremely strong and healthy, lower exp and sleeping rates
HalflingExtremely dexterous with resistance to poison, ability to sneak
GnomeResistant to magic and have infravision, ability to alter weapons
ElfIntelligent and dextrous, resistant to magic and have infravision
PixieTiny creatures that can dodge and charm enemies, resistant to magic
OgreStrong, healthy, ability to bash enemies, rescue allies from battle
CentaurMythic half-man, half-horse creature, ability to uncurse objects
ArakoraDelicate and fragile, with unsurpassed mental powers
MinotaurIntelligent, yet bull-headed, half-humans
GoblinHealthy with quicker healing and the ability to taunt enemies
DrowDark cousins to the elves, resistant to magic & infravision
DwarfResistant to magic, have the abiltity to enhance and repair weapons
NymphFemale nature spirits that are known for their beauty
OrcHumanoid warriors, incarnates of evil
KoboldCowardly, flee from battles, infravision, identify ability, bonus xp

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