Mainland Wizards of the present

Mainland Wizards of the past

Merc, Lord of Mainland

Few muds have captured me like LW. I first came here in September '96, and haven't left yet :) How I managed to make it to Senior is still a mystery, but I believe it has something to do with the drugs the admins take. LW is a great mud, so quit reading this stupid bio and go play ;)

Kunou, Senior of Mainland

I started playing here almost 3 years ago, around October 28, 1995, to be exact. When I started playing, there was only Mainland, and it was MUCH smaller than it is now. There were only about 3 areas open, and only 2 guilds. Needless to say the mud has come a long way. I wizzed shortly after starting here, there weren't many players and the mud obviously needed coders. Since then, I've joined the Army and am stationed at Ft. Drum, NY, soon to be transferred to Bamberg Germany. Even with all that has happened in my life, and as many times as I've lost access for one reason or another (including 10 months in boot camp) I keep coming back to this great mud and all the great people here.

Amerita, GreatWiz of Mainland

Back in '97 I was given the chance to become part of Lost Wishes. It has inspired and kept me sane through good times and bad. I am by habit quiet and thoughtful, though even someone like me has found acceptance and friendship here. I am happy to have had the chance to create and share my dreams in such a welcoming environment. The other wizards here are supportive and encouraging, and have been a comfort through changes both mud-related and real life struggles. Currently I am on hiatus, but have enjoyed being able to come back from time to time and build again. We have worked hard to provide you with a challenging and enjoyable world. I hope you enjoy it.

Shadow, Wizard of Mainland

No bio.

Madmax, GreatWiz of Mainland

I've been around since 1998 when a werewolf introduced me to LW. It took a while to get levels back then unlike these new whipper snappers. I was suckered into being a wiz in August of 2000 and wouldn't have it any other way. Lost Wishes is by far the best mud and community there is.

Sunspot, GreatWiz of Mainland

No one's quite sure when she was placed in the wizard's zoo, but the fact is that Sunspot is never leaving. Rumor has it that her affection for pouring gelatinous desserts down people's pants landed her into this cell, but whether this is true or not has yet to be determined. However, it seems that living in a cage agrees with Sunny to the point that she seems almost blissful. Her short, blonde hair has never been brighter, nor her smile broader.

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