Monsters of Mainland

Lord Althazar

Lord Althazar lives with his family in an old keep in Mainland. He is a veteran of the great wars, and although he now lives a peacful life, no adventurer who has ever challenged him has ever escaped with their lives. His royal suit of armor offers him the best protection possible.


Deep in the Labrynth in Mainland lives a vile and feared Hydra. She rules over the lower denizens of the labrynth with all her power and might. Within her vast treasures is the fabled Ring of Regeneration, though very few adventurers ever escape from her clutches with it.

Sheriff Arg

Arg, the sheriff of Mainland aids the King in keeping the peace between all the wandering adventurers. They often come to him to file complaints about other adventurers, which he looks over, and if he sees fit, sends Bob the Bounty Hunter after the offender.

King Joonier

King Joonier has ruled over Mainland since the end of the Great Wars. The people love him, and he is a great king, powerful, yet still kind at the same time. Tragedy has struck his family recently when his brother kidnapped the King's baby in a jealous rage over the throne.


Though once worshiped by the multitudes, Chronos, Master of Chance and Fate, has been forgotten, and his temple has fallen into ruin. He is all but impervious to physical attacks, and only the most powerful mages can harm him, but for those who can best him, great treasures await.

Wizards of Mainland Zoo

The Wizards of Mainland Zoo once ruled over all the lands, creating, destroying, and changing things as they saw fit. Over time, vice and insanity drove all of the wizards over the edge. Now they are safely imprisoned in the Zoo for your viewing and killing enjoyment.

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