Mainland's Top Areas


The main city and capitol of Mainland, one could also say it is the main city of the mud. The palace of King Joonier is located in the northern part of the city, that and the many various shops make Windaria a city well worth visiting.

Haunted House

The old abandoned house in Mainland is a great place for a new adventurer to get started. It is rumored to be filled with various creatures and monsters. Stories spread rapidly, soon it was known only as the Haunted House.

Necromancer Tower

An old ruined tower stands in the forest of Mainland. Many adventurers venture there once they no longer find enough challenge in the Haunted House. It is the secret coven of a group of Necromancers. Lead by the High Necromancer, they practice their dark arts of necromancy.


The tree-top village of Nitaper is the home of a race of Elves. It is said they don't take to members not of their race very well, and the guards tend to attack on sight. However, should you manage to get past, the guards, many treasures and shops await your discovery.

The Labrynth

The underground maze in north eastern Mainland is the home of many foul beasts. Many adventurers go there and get lost in the long, dark twisting halls, never to be heard from again. But for those who do make it in and out, treasures of every kind await their discovery.

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