Lost Wishes MUD
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Today's Area of the Day: Great Plains

Lost Wishes MUD, a Huge Unique world of Fantasy and Illusion. It has four domains, each with a unique theme, to meet anyones interest. Aside from the wide variety of playing areas, you will also find that Lost Wishes has many other interactive features. You will gain explorers points while traveling throughout the lands, gain experience and quest points through questing, and much much more!

Lost Wishes has several unique guilds, Dragonspawn, Mages, Werewolves, Bandits, Clerics, Acolytes, Gladiators, Golems, Wayfarer, Blackdragon, Gargoyles, Necromancers and Elementals. Each is unique, giving the opportunity for everyone to select a guild which will meet their expectations. You will find perhaps your most fulfilling mudding experience once you enter the world of Lost Wishes. We invite you to come and join our ever growing community!

Visit Lost Wishes MUD at telnet lost.wishes.net 5555 -- It's Free!
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Uptime: 15h
Reboot: 1w 14h 38m Population: 8415
Areas: 310
Quests: 161