Lost Wishes Help Files

Gods of Lost Wishes

Lost Wishes has 18 gods, separated into three groups of alignment. Good
aligned gods can only be followed by good or neutral players, neutral gods
can be followed by any alignment, and evil gods can only be followed by
evil or neutral players. Be aware that there are consequences to changing
your alignment to the opposing alignment of your god.

The gods are

Good: Celestine, Astyr, Jera, Heren, Avosir, Anar
Neutral: Tymest, Anifey, Lithen, Helcyd, Palim, Rhaylin
Evil: Craydan, Ciramos, Ansalee, Serandel, Galanus, Mogrin

To join or leave a god, you must first find their temple. While
standing outside their temple you can devote  or renounce .
Choose carefully, as there are harsh consequences to leaving a god.

To see what gods you have renounced and can not devote to again, you can
type renounced.

When you have chosen a god, you will have the favored command to see the
top favored followers of your god, and to see your current favor.

Favor is gained by bringing artifacts and requested gems and runes to your
god's temple and giving them to your high priest or priestess. Favor 
decreases over time, as the gods lose interest in those who are not serving
them daily. Certain abilities your god grants you will require a minimum
favor to have/use.

After joining a god, you will also have the sacrifice command. Sacrificing
corpses will refill your fp (faith points). Faith points are used to cast god
granted spells and use their abilities.

For more information on a specific god, see help .

Artifacts: Artifacts are relics of the gods. Although they are not usable
by normal players, followers of the god may be interested in obtaining them
from you.

Rivals: Each god has a particular other god who they despise at the moment.
You will be rewarded for defiling the rival god's temple. To see your god's
current rival, type favored.

Abilities: If you do not have your god's abilities, go to your temple priest
or priestess, and say abilities.