Wayfarer Guild

The wayfarers guild has a long history, not one of grand organization and great wonders, but of survival. Their fragmented history goes far into the past and speaks of fantastic lands far beyond these realms. These tattered histories come in the form of song, or poems, or in the wild ramblings of a crazed hermit. The histories talk of times when the guild went by different names; adventurer, warrior, explorer, courier, vagabond. But regardless of the name they went by, they all had a common trait, always being prepared in any situation. This is shown in their minor skills in magic, their ability to control animals, and their wilderness skills... regardless of where a Wayfarer ends up they can always count on having some new trick to pull them through. As the saying goes, they are the 'Jack of all trades and master of none.' The guild is located in Windaria, Mainland.

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