Mage Guild

By choosing the life of a Mage, you will be given tremendous magical powers. You must sacrifice a significant portion of your combat skills in exchange, however. A high level mage is perhaps one of the most deadly foes to meet in the line of battle. Just a warning: This is not a guild you can join and expect to become extremely powerful right away. The path to excellence is paved with work and practice. A low level mage is one of the weakest trades in the realm, but with practice and patience, you can become one of the most powerful.

The guild features an enormous variety of spells. Some are combat oriented, some defense oriented, and some have other benefits. There are 8 different levels of spells. As you reach higher guild level, you will be able to learn more powerful spells. At lower guild levels, you will be somewhat limited in the amount and level of the spells you may learn.

As a mage, you will be restricted to wielding only staffs, knives, and whips, all other weapon types require too much concentration and bulk to use, not allowing you to freely concentrate on spellcasting. In addition, your armor selection is also limited. Mages cannot wear suits, gloves or shield as these greatly hinder the important body movements a Mage must make in casting a spell.

These are just some of the many highlights of the guild. If you wish to learn more about it, contact another Mage and they will hopefully be able to answer all your questions.


Level 1: claim, darkness, disenchant, illusion, light, missile, mouth, raven, silence
Level 2: acidbolt, armor, evaluate, feather, find, hole, scry, sleep, telekenesis
Level 3: blink, enchant, familiar, fireball, shield, swarm, weaken
Level 4: animate, fire, image, invisibility, lightning, shock, stoneskin
Level 5: confuse, ensorcel, pain, reflection, storm, web
Level 6: gaze, haste, mageshield, pestilence, sanctuary, slow, summon
Level 7: chant, death, resistance, teleport
Level 8: apocalypse, armaggeddon, cataclysm, summondemon
Level 9: globe, meteor, reclamation

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