Elementals Guild

Elementals are magic-users who concentrate their training on mastering the elements. In the Elemental Guild of Lost Wishes, we do not limit you to only learning one element. It is basically four guilds in one, and you can choose at any glvl if you want to remain your current element or train another. If you switch elements though, you will start from guild level 1 again, training all over with fresh guild stats. Next guild level if you switch back to your original Element, you will continue where you left off and so on. The ultimate goal is to master all 4 elements (glv 100) and become a Master Elemental, at which time you are free to use the abilities of any of the elements at any time. The four elements, and a brief decription are as follows:

Fire: Fire Elementals are capable of inflicting great amounts of damage. The spell damage will be increased by as much as two times normal damage, at an increased upkeep rate. Because of their concentration on spells, and inflicting pain Fire Elementals take approx 10% more damage than the average Elemental.

Water: Water Elementals rely on their healing waters to heal them in combat. When you hit an npc upto 20% of the damage (maxing at 50hps) will be healed by your waters. However, there is also a chance that the npc will be splashed by your waters occasionally and healed as well. Waters most unique ability is teleporting to an island from a dock, by transforming into a tital wave.

Earth: Earth Elementals are large, and cumbersome which is a great advantage. While in combat there is upto a 50% chance that they will absorb 1/2 damage inflicted. Because of their concentration on defence and blocking Earth Elementals inflict approx 10% less damage than the average elemental.

Air: Air elementals are the fastest, and most accurate of all Elements. Their speed and swiftness allows them to double their spells on an enhanced weapon, with an increased upkeep cost. However as with all winds, there are calms before a storm. There is upto a 10% chance that you will stop attacking for 1 round of combat while building up for another swift attack. A nice advantage of Air Elementals is the ability to summon players with a gust of wind.

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