Dragonspawn Guild

The DragonSpawn Guild or DS Guild is a hybrid combination of a spell-casting and a fighting guild. Their primary powers are derived from their blood, dragonblood (or DB). From this they can cast spells such as fireball, dragoncall, shards, etc. They can also operate their enhanced attack mode which gives them extra attacks per round, or their enhanced damage mode which gives them extra damage per attack. There are 3 paths a DS can choose upon entering the guild. They can choose the Red, Green, or White path. The Red DS are the fire dragons, they have at their disposal a wide variety of devastating attack spells derived from fire. The Green DS are the earth dragons, they are mainly a nature guild that can enchant other players and themselves with powerful enchantments that enhance stats, armour class, etc. The White DS are the water/ice dragons, they are a more well-rounded path, they will receive healing spells at higher glvls, and they also have a couple attack spells, and self-enchantment spells. The life of a dragonspawn however is honorable, a DS must maintain a positive alignment or they will be kicked out of the guild. A DS that leaves the guild may never return.

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