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User: pandora

Title: Pandora, the Battlemage of the Eastern Point
Name: Pandora                         In real life: Pandora                 
Race: Arakora                         Gender: Female                        
Level: 221                            Guild: Mage (51)                      
Home Domain: Nautica                  Toplist: 14
Status: Player (Donator LXXXIII)      
Best party kill: Guard Piet (class 19027)
Best solo kill: Caretaker (class 41422)
Arch foe: Sheriff Cale (class 22833) <avenged>
Clan: Pandora's Disciples
Age: 6 weeks 1 day 3 hours 2 minutes 7 seconds
Last on: Fri Sep 23 11:44:09 2022 
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