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User: metal

Title: Metal, Vengeful Gladiator of the Murmillons
Name: Metal                           In real life: ???                     
Race: Dwarf                           Gender: Male                          
Level: 244                            Guild: Gladiator (50)                 
Home Domain: Esdragen                 Toplist: 10
Status: Player (Newbie Helper VII)    
Best party kill: Captain Rody (class 85050)
Best solo kill: Captain Rody (class 89113)
Arch foe: Bob the Bounty Hunter (class 42360) <avenged>
Clan: Lost Wishes Adicts
Age: 22 weeks 1 day 19 hours 45 minutes 16 seconds
Last on: Thu Jul  2 16:41:14 2020 
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