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User: march

Title: Master Virago March Poutyface, of the Murmillons
Name: March Poutyface                 In real life: M                       
Race: Dwarf                           Gender: Female                        
Level: 199                            Guild: Gladiator (41)                 
Home Domain: Emerald                  Toplist: 21
Status: Player (Donator XXXII)        
Best party kill: Fabr the Foreman of Essandor (class 48255)
Best solo kill: Lady of the Lake (class 32467)
Arch foe: Master Gladiator Warick, Warrior of Pain (class 77967)
Age: 18 weeks 6 days 7 minutes 29 seconds
Last on: Fri May 29 12:18:24 2020 
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