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User: lorack

Title: Lorack - The Elder of the Stone Golems.
Name: Lorack                          In real life: Kevin                   
Race: Arakora                         Gender: Male                          
Level: 159                            Guild: Golem (77)                     
Home Domain: Nowhere                  Toplist: 16
Status: Player (Donator XXIII)        
Best party kill: Sohei (class 12505)
Best solo kill: Master Mage (class 70073)
Arch foe: Elite Donjon Guard (class 8870)
Age: 8 weeks 4 days 21 hours 35 minutes 30 seconds
On since: Mon Oct 19 23:06:25 2020 
14 hours 11 minutes Idle Time
No unread mail.
No Plan.

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