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User: hope

Title: Unholy Oracle Hope the Mastermind of Malevolence
Name: Hope                            In real life: Hyadro Halow            
Race: Gnome                           Gender: Female                        
Level: 201                            Guild: Acolyte (53)                   
Home Domain: Nautica                  Toplist: 
Status: Player (Newbie Helper V)      
Best party kill: Underdune Dweller (class 34938)
Best solo kill: Grand Master Sorcerer (class 16256)
Arch foe: Bishamonten, God of Warfare (class 63869)
Clan: TeamGateCrashers
Age: 12 weeks 6 hours 49 minutes 40 seconds
Last on: Mon Sep 17 07:27:29 2018 
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