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User: hilux

Title: HiLuX, the Archmage of the Northeastern Point
Name: Hilux                           In real life: ???                     
Race: Arakora                         Gender: Male                          
Level: 257                            Guild: Mage (60)                      
Home Domain: Emerald                  Toplist: 9
Status: Player (Donator CCCLXIII)     
Spouse: Hilux
Best party kill: Yeti, beast of the north (class 103782)
Best solo kill: Yeti, beast of the north (class 111991)
Arch foe: Candy General (class 93271) <avenged>
Clan: Lost Wishes Addicts Association
Age: 41 weeks 4 days 6 hours 45 minutes 54 seconds
On since: Thu Jul  9 19:48:31 2020 
6 minutes Idle Time
No unread mail.
No Plan.

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