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User: haggis

Title: Expert Gladiator Haggis, of the Samnites
Name: Haggis                          In real life: Matt                    
Race: Minotaur                        Gender: Male                          
Level: 167                            Guild: Gladiator (35)                 
Home Domain: Emerald                  Toplist: 32
Status: Player (Donator XXIII, Newbie Helper IV)
Best party kill: Underdune Dweller (class 34311)
Best solo kill: Worker of the Circus Extravaganza (class 16017)
Arch foe: Captain Harf, leader of the Orca pirates (class 9133) <avenged>
Age: 13 weeks 3 days 58 minutes 31 seconds
On since: Wed Apr 25 10:04:14 2018 
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