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User: graizl

Title: Graizl - The Learned Follower of the Clay Golems.
Name: Graizl                          In real life: Graizl                  
Race: Ogre                            Gender: Male                          
Level: 71                             Guild: Golem (52)                     
Home Domain: Esdragen                 Toplist: 
Status: Player (Donator V)            
Best party kill: Infernal Spawn of Evil (class 2491)
Best solo kill: Demetri the Lich (class 3414)
Arch foe: Treant (elder) (class 1629)
Age: 2 weeks 6 days 12 hours 32 minutes 37 seconds
Last on: Thu Aug 16 20:40:28 2018 
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