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User: eshlam

Title: Eshlam the Master Wayfarer (noble)
Name: Eshlam                          In real life: Bethels                 
Race: Nymph                           Gender: Female                        
Level: 265                            Guild: Wayfarer (51)                  
Home Domain: Mainland                 Toplist: 
Status: Player (Donator XXXVI, Newbie Helper XXXII)
Spouse: Vaan
Best party kill: Ebisu, God of Commerce (class 74196)
Best solo kill: The Loch Ness Monster (class 33126)
Arch foe: Leo the Master Wayfarer (pissed) (class 0) <avenged>
Clan: Troubadours
Age: 1 year 13 weeks 1 day 21 hours 5 minutes 27 seconds
Last on: Fri Jan  5 03:16:40 2018 
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