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User: caliseon

Title: Caliseon Lightforge the Deadly Assassin [Bounty Hunter Rank: 8th]
Name: Caliseon Lightforge             In real life: Brock                   
Race: Arakora                         Gender: Male                          
Level: 201                            Guild: Bandit (100)                   
Home Domain: Central                  Toplist: 
Status: Player                        
Best party kill: Grumpy Old Lycanthrope (class 69800)
Best solo kill: Bob the Bounty Hunter (class 83853)
Arch foe: Bosatsu, Goddess of Mercy (class 43900) <avenged>
Clan: Assassin Council (PK)
Age: 12 weeks 6 days 8 hours 29 minutes 52 seconds
Last on: Sun Jan  6 04:20:54 2019 
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