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User: amir

Title: Almighty Amir, Champion Decapitator of the Caeli! (Detained)
Name: Amir                            In real life: ~\_(O.o)_/~             
Race: Orc                             Gender: Male                          
Level: 337                            Guild: Gladiator (51)                 
Home Domain: Emerald                  Toplist: 5
Status: Player (Donator XXV, Newbie Helper IX)
Best party kill: Ebisu, God of Commerce (class 73176)
Best solo kill: Captain Rody (class 90205)
Arch foe: Phoenix (class 38430) <avenged>
Clan: The Mental Institution
Age: 1 year 37 weeks 5 days 12 hours 29 minutes 35 seconds
On since: Thu Jan 20 18:28:30 2022 
1 minute Idle Time
No unread mail.
No Plan.

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