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User: altena

Title: Altena the Almighty BlackDragon Juggernaut of Shadows
Name: Altena                          In real life: na                      
Race: Dwarf                           Gender: Female                        
Level: 144                            Guild: Blackdragon (25)               
Home Domain: Nowhere                  Toplist: 23
Status: Player (Donator XXX)          
Best party kill: Underdune Dweller (class 17314)
Best solo kill: Rolik, Bryce Elder (class 11045)
Arch foe: Bob the Bounty Hunter (class 42474)
Age: 33 weeks 3 days 12 minutes 21 seconds
On since: Fri Oct 18 14:56:02 2019 
4 hours 25 minutes Idle Time
No unread mail.
No Plan.

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