Founded: Mon Mar 5 23:24:43 2007
Leader: Omnicrash
Members: Hope, Omnicrash


Wading our way through the battlespam, typing mobs into oblivion!

Current Status: Still in the process of setting up the clan...

Omnicrash, The Muttering Master Mage - Leader
Last Hope - Co-Leader
-Lin-,'-<@ - Initiate
Sanyo not the TV! - Initiate

Directions to clanbase:
From GMS, do 10 w, w, s, w, s, 2 se, tree, 3 n, 2 e, n, 2 e, jump gate

Omnicrash, Hope, Lin, and SanYo, of TeamGateCrashers, blast through the Gate, spreading Waves of SHEER TERROR across the lands, RIPPING apart the SKIES by shooting Bolts of PURE ENERGY into the air!

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