The tainted Ones

Founded: Wed Aug 17 16:18:56 2005
Leader: Nifka
Members: Draygon, Basilisk, Nifka, Saiten, Pokey

We are group of evil hearted souls. Who hate all. Our souls are dark as night, are intentions are even darker. Gives us your soul, or give us your life. Cause if u don't we will take it from you. We mainly consist of Black Dragons, the root of all evil. You are always on our bad side. We enjoy seeing and taking part in the pain of others. If u wish to do the same, ask a member if you can join are ranks. But be prepared you WILL be tested. Other then that we like the Black Dragons are very secretive.

Are clan base is located on Skull island, it like us don't like you. Look for an altar. I shall speak no more on the subject.

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