Psycho Family

Founded: Sat Mar 27 18:55:32 2010
Leader: Faol
Members: Darkhades, Faol

This here is Psycho's Fam! Here all are welcome for we are all family! Mess with one you mess with all! All we want is our scat and we wont die till we get it! We want a Rusty axe, Fat chick named Bridget and a sip of Faygo! We are down with the clown till we are dead in the ground!
Death can occur at any time
At any given moment on any day
And when it does
You personally will meet The Wraith
Face to face

Join us for The Wraith's exhibit of Shangri-La
Is it the end of the world?
Yes, it is the end of the world
And it's also the beginning
The beginning of a brand new saga
Juggalo world
For us to enjoy....
We'll never die alone
Juggalos will carry on
Swing out hatchets if we must
Each and everyone of us

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