%^O%^rder of the %^B%^lac%^k Han%^d

Founded: Sun Apr 15 04:20:47 2012
Leader: Sykn
Members: Sykn, Achillies, Redeye

History of the Black Hand.
The Order of the Black Hand was established centuries ago in a fallen empire.
They were a strong alliance of all walks of life, they came together under the
same flag to bear a large burden. They were to establish an order to take
over the lands, conquer the untamable and to destroy those that attempt to
establish any stronghold in any land. They were to maintain the primordial chaos
that the world was born unto . Many of the Black Hand have been dubbed
Kingslayers, Assassins, Blackblades, Monsters, and Brigands. The Black Hand
continues on today in far less numbers, but are regaining their power quickly.
here is a dessert on the continent of Emerald, they say you can find the Orders'
stronghold hidden within a Great Tornado

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