Elite Army of Lunar

Founded: Thu Nov 24 21:06:47 2005
Leader: Violater
Members: Wizzard, Karigon, Limunious, Scion, Scourge, Violater, Bug, Axohmega, Dolgan, Serzghul

Once there were werewolves that only lived by the law of
nature : "Survival Of the fittest".
The evil goddess Lunar saw an opportunity to gather some of these werewolves
into a small army. She seduced some of werewolves and the army
"Elite Army of Lunar" was quickly founded. The goddess started step by step
corrupting further the werewolves. She convinced the werewolves that none
werewolves would come in handy into their plans. The werewolves started
recruiting none werewolves that could serve their purpose. But the goddess
didn't stopped here. She start playing with the werewolves minds so that they
would abandon their nature and transform into other beings that would serve
her plans better.
now the only thing left for this army to do, is to spread their evil and
prepare the world for the descending of the Goddess Lunar to this world.
Nevertheless that the clan is evil aligned loyalty is held high in value.

Everybody is welcome to apply for joining this clan.
Your appliance will be looked in by the clan.

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