Lazy Bums

Founded: Thu Dec 2 15:58:51 2004
Leader: Mortal
Members: Mortal, Rasputin

A warm, tropical island set in the most odd of scenarios. A Giant Bum of Epic Proportions. Two Werewolves with Serious Idenity Crises, One Who Can't Seem to Die. Could it get any stranger?

Indeed, located on Noamuth Island, is a strange 'swirling pool' that when entered transports the unsuspecting victim to an uncharted tropical isle!

Inside adventurers are impressed to find a massive palm tree whose shade covers most of the island, while to the north can be found an impressive fort made of tiki wood and torches! To the south, the bored adventurer can find a banana tree, that appears to have a monster crab hole at it's base, and to the east, one finds a thatch shanty made with junk and filled with junk.

You ask yourselves, what could this island be?

Why, it is the home of the Lazy BumS!
Home to a clan where one can relax and be lazy for eternity, while sipping margaritas and pina coladas from dawn to... well, dawn!

Also located on the island is a shop with random goods dropped off when the members get up off their lazy rears and adventure!
And while you're visiting, don't forget to fish in the Underground Lagoon, and take a swim in the ocean, but beware the sharks!
And last of all, if you want to be a member, and are a lazy mudder in relaxed standing, contact Mortal and we'll see if we can find the right lawn chair for you!

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