Founded: Sun Jun 3 11:18:32 2007
Leader: Visionaire
Members: Visionaire, Thoro, Koga, Ciardha

The Sanskrit term DHARMA is the underlying order in nature and human life and behaviour considered to be in accord with that order. Ethically, it means 'right way of living' or 'proper conduct,' especially in a religious sense. With respect to spirituality, dharma might be considered The Way of the Higher Truths.

All those who have made the wise decision to join THE DHARMA INITATIVE try to follow this way and are constantly seeking out new ways to make our mudlives better.

The DHARMA INITATIVE was founded to help clan members improve their gameplay, e.g. by helping them gather equipment or by sharing non-quest-related information about areas or monsters.

The DHARMA INITATIVE will pay the full cost of recruiting new players. Clan members have no obligations to the clan, but are asked to donate whatever platinum or equipment they can spare.

The DHARMA INITATIVE RESEARCH FACILITY can be found somewhere in the saka plains... Directions are known to all clan members.

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