Founded: Thu Apr 30 01:31:24 2009
Leader: Redix
Members: Redix

The clan Death-Dealers a composed of skilled players who have taken on mighty foes, an almost elite group who are trained in battle, baptized in blood. Coming from far and wide, they like many hidden or ' underground ' organizations are somewhat to highly secretive. Very few people are allowed to become one into their ranks and must meet certain qualifications to replace an older member ( A member who just cant hack it like they use to ) meeting heavy strains on their body as the new member gains acceptance in the veteran members. They must be stealthy, brutish and timely. Among other things, they MUST be in it for the kill and thrill of taking on bigger and tougher mobs. Grinding away in ONE area for long periods of time. Showing to the clan leader what it takes to kill something new. They must be proud, bold and strong. ( More clan info to come sooner )

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