Quest Description

Quest Name: Esdragen Balance
Creator: Silly
Created: Wed Feb 11 01:06:07 1998
Quest Points: 50
Solved: 10 times
Location(s): Town of Armland, Realm of Light, Realm of Darkness, Realm of the Past, Realm of the Future, Armland Graveyard
Min. Level: 150
The time has come to reveal the truth about Esdragens past. The four sorcerers of the realms are plotting to declare war against each other, to gain control over the domain. Such an action, would destroy life as we know it, no matter who prevailed. However, there is a chance to prevent the war, and give Korbel, Grand Master Sorcerer back the control which he deserves. He was exiled, and declared insane when he spoke of a land beyond Esdragen. You must help him gather the proof that he needs and destroy the four sorcerers forever. Somewhere, buried in the graveyard, you will find the first clue, in unraveling this mystery. The key is discovering some secret documents, take the documents to Korbel, and you are on your way to restoring Balance to Esdragen.

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