Area Description

Area Name: Dungeons of Sorrow
Creator: Silly
Created: Sun May 12 06:09:50 1996
Level: mid, high
Secrets: 0
Quests: 1 (113-Dungeons of Sorrow)
Shortly after Kieren took control of the fourth quarter of Esdragen, making the Realms of Darkness, he doomed all whom betrayed him during his struggle of power to a lifetime in the darkest of dungeons. Very few of the prisoners here deserve their fate. To free the innocent would be the ultimate duty that any adventurer could bestow upon Esdragen and its ongoing struggle for peace and balance. Only the strong and patient can carry out this task. Few have had the bravery to attempt it, and all have failed. Risihert, Sorcerer of Light awaits news that the pure are freed from Kieren's imprisonment.

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