Esdragen Quests!

Esdragen is a very interactive domain. Although it is one of the youngest domains on Lost Wishes it has grown to be the largest to date. Along with a wide variety of playing areas, Esdragen is also host to many challenging quests to make your playing experience the best it can be. From solving a series of puzzling riddles, to battling fierce dragons, the action never stops. We challenge you to come and attempt to solve our series of quests!

Esdragen's Quests!

Lucky Coin As a newbie, you will need all of the help you can get, and a whole lot of luck. To solve this quest, you have to search for a lucky coin, and figure out what to do with it. This is a simple quest, meant for low level players who are just getting a hang of the questing scene. You will find what you are looking for in the Esdragen Domain.
Dungeons of Sorrow Shortly after Kieren took over power of the fourth quarter of Esdragen, now known as the Realm of Darkness. He captured and imprisoned Risihart's most valuable guards. Leaving Risihart vulnerable to attack, and defeat. Deep in the Wastelands, an underground dungeon is hidden, the Dungeon of Sorrow, and this is where they are rumored to be held captive. It is a heavily guarded dungeon, and the guards do not fear dying for their Lord, Kieren. To attempt this mission would be dangerous, but Risihart needs you, and will reward anyone who frees his guards. Remember, not only the innocent are captive in this dungeon, be cautious.
Ihsan's Shade In a land of magic there thrives a band of Serra Paladins. They are pure and honorable, but their name has been disgraced. One of their most honored members, Ihsan, turned against the Serra ways. He now thrives as a guardian to the gates of hell. The disgrace comes to the Serra Paladins because Ihsan still wears the tainted armor of the Serra. Restore their honor and destroy Ihsan. Return to the Serras with the tainted armor so it may be cleansed and you will be rewarded.
Helm of Bridewell The old mine foreman of the gold mine was killed in a cave-in. The superstitious miners swear that his ghost is in there and refuse to clear it until his ghost is gone. The new mine foreman, Marcos, swears he knows how to get rid of the ghost but he needs your help to do it.
Apocalypse The realm of Esdragen is in trouble. It seems that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have invaded and taken over most of the realm. The Honorable Knights in the Realm of Light managed to keep them out, and let in Bregolas and his small group of Elven followers. This small group of Elves built the Temple of Life. Bregolas needs someone to help him by searching out the horsemen and slaying them. He can give you a little more information if you can find him in the temple.
Dragon Slayer Deep in the Wastelands in Dark, the Elder Dragon Tribe thrives. For centuries, they have evaded dragon slayers. The only weapon effective enough to destroy their leader, the Elder Dragon Lord, is highly protected within their lair. The Dragon Slayer Sword hangs, unreachable by a magic rope over a deadly pit of boiling sulfur. You must find the enchanted dagger which holds the power to sever the rope. Once you have obtained the Dragon Slayer, destroy their leader and you shall be deemed the ultimate Dragon Slayer. Be warned, this quest is not for the weak, be prepared for a battle beyond all others!
Riddle Quest Within the town of Armland and surrounding realms, there are riddlers filling the streets with amusement and joy. Including the Riddle Master, who knows better than anyone that life is just one big riddle so you may as well get the most out of it. Now he is looking for more people to share his enjoyment of riddles, and enjoy his world of confusion and games. Go and visit him and he will send you on a mission of problem solving and laughs. You will visit many riddlers along the way and solve many problems. Some will give you items as proof that you have solved their riddle, and at the end given to the Riddle master as proof that you have completed all the riddles.
Kingransom The King of Mystaria has been poisoned! No one is sure exactly who did this horrible deed, but the Queen is accusing everyone of the crime. The only way to avoid this accusation is to travel to the forest outside Armland and seek the Wizard of Mystaria, who has taken shelter deep underground. Only he can help you.
Esdragen Balance The time has come to reveal the truth about Esdragens past. The four sorcerers of the realms are plotting to declare war against each other, to gain control over the domain. Such an action, would destroy life as we know it, no matter who prevailed. However, there is a chance to prevent the war, and give Korbel, Grand Master Sorcerer back the control which he deserves. He was exiled, and declared insane when he spoke of a land beyond Esdragen. You must help him gather the proof that he needs and destroy the four sorcerers forever.
Kill Jake Jake is Esdragens local gravedigger. Although his intentions seem to be well intentioned, people have started to talk about the increasing numbers of zombies which roam the haunted grounds. He has been stealing corpses, and creating his own undead army to over throw all of the Sorcerers, to gain control of Esdragen. You must find him, and figure out how to put an end to his evil ways!
Missing in Armland Armland has always had its share of shady dealings and foul events, including but not limited to murder, the theft of children and rape. Since Karel has been in the office of Sheriff, he has made efforts to step up the patrol of guards throughout the town, sending the crime rate to an all time low. Some of the 'crimes' or strange occurrences have been making a comeback, such as kidnap. Missing persons reports have been filed on literally dozens of children in the past month alone! Go speak to Karel and find out what needs to be done.
Chess Board The Chess Kings are preparing for yet another battle. They never seem to finish a battle however. It is your mission to finally slay one of the Kings, and return his crown to the other King. Just make sure you kill the right King though, else Game Over! You Lose!
Rescue the Adventurer Deep in the Enchanted Forest of Esdragen a Lost Adventurer wanders aimlessly, desperate to find a way out. He needs a brave Hero to find him, and lead him to safety. Once you have found this poor lost soul, lead him to the Ranger and your mission is over.
Tommy's Nightmare Tommy, a resident of Armland has been suffering nightmares and attacks from the Boogieman. The situation is so serious that he can no longer even sleep. You must find Tommy's house, and figure out how to solve his problem! Remember.. you can't be hurt.. it is only a dream, or is it?!
Are You Lost The evil mage Bail has created an impossible maze to protect himself from invaders. Seek him out and destroy the evil mage but be careful or you will become one of the many trapped adventurers within his great creation. Fantasy and the unknown beckon you. But don't get lost.
Return the Puppy In the town of Armland, there is a very sad little girl. She has lost her puppy and fears that she may never find it. She needs your help to find her puppy and return it to her!
Territorial Claim Find a large tree in the Enchanted Forest of Esdragen and mark your territory.
Golden Lyre

A young Cleric messenger boy returns with some horrible news....

Myracles! He's dying! They took his Lyre! I tried to heal him but my powers could not heal those wounds. He wrote this letter for me to bring back!

The letter reads...


I am Myracles. I traveled into the underworld. I went to Limbo to enchant the poor souls with my music. Suddenly, an army of Demons and Skeletons attacked me! They beat me badly and took my Golden Lyre! Not even my powers of healing could help me against the beasts. They left my to bleed to death. I crawled out to the entrance of this foul place and I will remain there. If you are brave go and retrieve my lyre! But, go alone, for if a party of adventurers go they will surely be spotted and the beasts will inform their master of you pressence. Please! Please! Get me back my Lyre!

Cure Swamp Thing After years of secret testing in his lab, deep within the Swamps of Esdragen, Dr.Arcane may have met his unsettling fate. As a researcher of plants and animals, the doctor sometimes took his research and experiments too far. One night, not long ago, there was a near fatal explosion which resulted in Dr.Arcane being mutated into the dreaded Swamp Thing! His faithful assistant is back in the lab, searching for a cure..but he can't do it alone. You must find the ferryman, and cross over the deadly swamps to try and help find a cure for Dr.Arcane. You must hurry before it is too late, and the Swamp Thing is doomed to haunt the swamps forever!
Kick Yugdne's Butt In the forest south of Armland, there is a strange and magical cottage. Within the walls of this cottage, you will find that nothing is quite as it seems. Your mission is to find Yugdne, the mad, magical scientist and destroy him. Be warned, this will not be an easy task. Even some of the most experienced explorers have been tricked by his magic and fallen to their deaths.
Destroy The Lag Monster Lag has made himself known on Lost Wishes, and he isn't going to leave without a battle. He hides quietly, waiting in his lair until you least expect it and then he sneaks out, lagging you to death! The only way he can be stopped is to enter his lair, and destroy him when He is least expecting it! Do not proceed unprepared however, you need a special device to help combat the lag! You will find him where Magic is most powerful in Esdragen, at the point where all magicks come to balance. That is the only force powerful enough to conceal him within his lair for more that just a few minutes!
Runes of Tranquility There are six runes within the realm of Fantasy, which must be returned to their proper place, in the Monument of Tranquility. There are six princesses, each keeping a rune hidden away, letting it grow with her own power in hopes to destroy the Realm, and take control. You must find them, destroy them, and obtain the runes! Time is running out!
Destroy Satan There is no hope to save Esdragen's future unless Satan is destroyed. You must find the Pits of hell in the fantasy realm, and destroy Satan. Before you enter this place, there is one in the Light realm that can help you on your way. You will find what you need on your way to Satan.. be cautious though, one wrong move and you are DEAD!!!
Lost Soul The lost soul in Magic is looking for eternal rest. You must lead her to the only one who can give her the inner peace she needs to sleep.
Textile Mill (Coming Soon) A cloth factory that has been invaded. Someone is needed to go into the depths and clean it out for the workers.
Pyramid of Ra (Coming Soon) The pyramid to the great pharaoh of the gods has finally been uncovered. Someone has stolen three items of great value and he would like them returned to as soon as possible.
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