Realm of the Past

The Realm of the Past captures a time when dinosaurs roamed the land, and magic was a concept that was unheard of. Sorcerer Amoreth is a simple man, who is torn by the damage that magic has done to Esdragen. The only thing that Amoreth will consent to magic being used for is to maintain his prehistoric atmosphere. The primitive culture of this realm attracts people from all around, as they experience a time that in most reality was lost forever. Dinosaurs roam the land, both harmless and savage, most deadly if provoked. Amoreth aspires to gain control over all Esdragen in hopes to eliminate magic and restore harmony. This is not a highly welcomed goal, as most people in Esdragen depend on magic in some way for their well being.

Realm of the Past areas that are currently open for players

Realm of the Past Upon the separation of Esdragen, Amoreth, Sorcerer of the Past, sought to purify Esdragen by forgetting about magic and remembering the past. The realm is a peaceful place with dinosaurs roaming about. Beware of the T-rex though, His bite is nastier than his ugly face.
Valley of the Past A small group of pre-historic humans living in a small valley. Hunting in nearby woods, fishing out of a small pond, and basically living out of caves.

Realm of the Past areas currently being coded

Saurial City A strange city built within the realm. Seemingly impossible creatures are said to inhabit this place.
Expansion New creatures.

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