Realm of Light

Beyond a great glowing portal at the northern most tip of Armland, laies a quiet and peaceful land. This tranquil place where all is pure has come to be known as the Realm of Light. Tall mountains and lush green forests give this quiet land a perfect atmosphere. Sorcerer Risihert, the ruler of this realm is a kind man. Although his intentions do not always seem good willed. As with the other three Sorcerers, Risihert's main goal is to gain control over all Esdragen and become the new Grandmaster Sorcerer. The Realm of light is guarded by a band of Honorable Knights, who keep watch over the countless mysteries and adventures to be discovered there.

Areas in the Realm of Light that are Currently open for players

Castle of Mercy This ancient castle has been taken over by Marron and other clerics. It is now a place of rest and healing.
Crystal Kingdom This crystal cave is full of adventure and surprises. If you dare to risk the consequences, you just might survive.
The Temple of Life The elves come to The Temple of Life to worship in peace. Adventurers come to help High Priest Bregolas stop The Four Horsemen from bringing their evil to all of Esdragen.
Castle of The Gods This is the most impressive structure you will ever see! The gods themselves reside within these walls. They bring their riches, unique weapons, and rich history to the Realm of Light.
Realm of Light This is Risihert's peaceful Realm. It is protected heavily by the honorable knights. In this realm you will find pure enrichment of the spirit and magic that will boggle your mind.

Realm of Light's areas currently being coded

The Mythical Underworld Hades Underworld will open to adventurers soon. They will travel into his domain and see all the suffering souls of the ancient mythical underworld.
Honey Elephant Hive Strange little creatures have found their way into Esdragen's Realm of Light and made it their home.
Celestial Church Tira, head of the Celestial Church has made her home of goodness and light in the most beautiful place she could find.

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