Realm of the Future

In a time where magic was the base of all technology, modern wonders seemed to be only an unreachable dream. A powerful sorcerer by the name of Hapworth chose to make his dreams come true. After Esdragen was divided into the Four Realms of Magic, Hapworth saw the possibility to make his dreams aspire. He had complete control over one fourth of the land, the Realm of the Future he called it. Hapworth believed that surely once the citizens of Esdragen saw his wondrous advancements, that they would desire him as the Grand Master Sorcerer. Then at long last Hapworth would have control of all Esdragen.

Areas in Realm of the Future that are currently open to players

The Realm of The Future When Hapworth received his piece of Esdragen he sought out something that was not yet attainable by those of Esdragen. Esdragen knew of the powers of magic. Hapworth searched for the magical technology of the future!
Village of Riverside This is an old fishing village that lies on the Mauk River. The river is heavily polluted thanks to the goats that live atop the mountain there. Seek out Bivol, he is the origin of this Goat Army and destroy his evil!
Mauk Farms A pair of farms on a river. They are accessable via boat from the village of Riverside.
Zur's Castle The dark and mysterious castle of Lord Zur.

Areas in Realm of the Future that are currently being coded

Mauk Residence This is the residence of the Mauk Family. They have lives in the town of Riverside ever since the Mauk Family was known. A young member of the family left for the mountains long ago to defeat the Army of Goats and their master Bivol.
Mauk Caves These are the secret wine cellars and caves of the Mauk family. Goats have occupied the area heavily looking for a way to attack the Mauk

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