Korbel, the Grand Master Sorcerer, was walking the fine streets of Armland. The people still believed he was a little crazy and disturbed. He had told them of an entire world that lies beyond Esdragen. The notion was absurd. He was turning a corner to visit Stan the explorer when he bumped into a young human girl. She was frightened, and her head was very hot. Korbel noticed she was very sick and took her to see Shiela. Shiela was a great adventurer and warrior herself. The two carefully nursed the young girl back to health. As the girl became well and more playful, she began to speak of a place of pure delight and fantasy. It was her home. A realm beyond this that offered adventure and fantasy. Korbel decided along with Shiela to keep all of this quiet in light of what the people think of him now. Konstantine is trapped here. She was cursed by an evil Sorcerer. The young girl tells her story...

My mommy was taking me to see the sorcerer because I was very sick. He cast my mother into the Imaginous Lake and she drowned! He is an evil being but his powers could not bring him to kill the young and the innocent. Instead he cursed me. He told me that I was being sent to a world of harsh reality and that I can never return. It will be my duty to send adventurers to my home. however, I cannot return myself. I have been granted great magical powers..

Konstantine, the young girl, falls asleep... Her story and her land are yet to be explored. Korbel keeps the young girl in his care in Armland. She wonders about playing jovial games. He is not worried about her. He can sense great power in her heart and soul.

The Future Realm is the newest expansion to Esdragen, and will be perhaps the most exciting of all the Realms.

The Future of the Fantasy Realm and it's eight terrains


Central Hub This will be the Central Hub of the Fantasy Realm. It will contain a few shops but it's main purpose is to travel between the eight unique terrains of the realm. These terrains will make this realm an excellent place for expansion!
Plains This will be the long stretched out plains of the fantasy realm.
Desert This is the desert Terrain. It will feature the enormous pyramid of Ra!
Iceworld The Ice World is the coldest place in the fantasy Realm. Only the well equipped adventurer should dare the brisk air of this terrain.
Swamp This is the rather moist terrain of the fantasy realm. It is full of exotic plant-life and even more unreal animals.
Hell The circles of Hell are a dangerous place. The home of Satan is by far the worst.
Krass Castle A brightly colored castle in the Plains of Perplexity.
Plains of Perplexity The Plains of Perplexity in the realm of Fantasy.
Tower of Princesses This tower is full of beautiful, and extremely evil princesses. They are guarded by a unicorn and pegasus. These princesses are tantalizing in every way, but very deadly. 
Castle of the Gods Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk among the gods. What would it be like to be in a battle with the mighty Zeus? Kill and steal Hermes winged shoes? Visit the beautiful Aphrodite? The Castle of the Gods is the most impressive structure you will ever come across. 
Fantasy Maze This is a very confusing maze, built by Bail an evil mage of the highest power. There is rumor that the maze has claimed many a person to its twisting corridors. Be wary of where you walk, and what you look at.


Realm of Fantasy areas currently being coded

Imaginous Lake This is a water part of the Fantasy Realm. The Sorcerer's Tower will be in the terrain along with the evil Sorcerer.
Labyrinth This is a rather interesting part of the Fantasy Realm. It is a hedge Labyrinth the eventually turns into a stone wall Labyrinth. There will be nasty little goblins running all about.
Gnus Forest This is going to be a large forest area filled with Gnu's and their pets. You may not want to idle too long on this terrain or you will get a big surprise!
Mountain The mountains of the fantasy realm will be a very rough terrain and it will be very difficult to travel through this terrain.
Pyramid of Ra The pyramid to the great pharaoh of the gods has finally been uncovered.
Desert Nomads There are nomads living in the desert. They seem to have found the one and only true oasis in the sand.
Ice Castle This beautiful castle is constructed completely of ice.
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