Realm of Darkness

Darkness has fallen over the southern end of Esdragen. It is a darkness that has been around for many centuries, and seems to grow with greater intensity with every passing year. At the southern most tip of Armland lays a dark and forbidding portal that leads to the wastelands, the Realm of Darkness. The evil power that lurks within has grown so strong that it can no longer be fully contained by the magical portal. Although the mild corruption within the town is nothing compared to what lies inside the wastelands, it is far greater an influence than more people realize. Inside the wastelands, Sorcerer Kieren controls the land with chaos and destruction. Friend turns against friend in all out battles, beasts rip the flesh from all living creatures to feast upon it, and the land is patrolled by Undead Warriors, Honorable Knights that Kieren has corrupted. A great sorrow fills the domain of Esdragen as Kieren's strength grows, for soon he will force himself into the position of Grandmaster Sorcerer and nobody will be able to stop him.

Realm of Darkness areas currently open for players

Dark Castle This is the home of the mourning and beautiful Princess Amberlynn. Her father, the king, and her mother, the queen, of the castle have passed away and left the empty castle to her and the guards.
Siamlau Lair *Hissssssssss* Travel into this dark lair to visit cats of monster proportions. This area offers a lot of adventure but tends to give you a slight case of Hair-balls
Caves of Darkness This is the terrifying Pit of the Undead. Where the dead walk. This subterranean area has lots of evil creatures that hang around dark corners.
The Realm of Darkness Better known as the wastelands this realm offers sim-pk. It is run by Kieren and is inhabited with ugly creatures and Undead warriors.
Dragon Caves Come fight like a deadly dragon slayer in Esdragen's Dragon Caves. It is a dark cave system in the wastelands inhabited by peaceful dragons, unless they are disturbed!
Castle of the Undead A ruined and crumbling castle nestled in the depths of the Realm of Darkness.
Dungeons of Sorrow Shortly after Kieren took control of the wastelands he created these prisons. Most of the prisoners here do not deserve their fate. It would be a great accomplishment for an adventurer to free these doomed prisoners.
Maxilinia's Castle Beware Adventurers that enter Maxilinia's Castle. Every second spent in this place of pure evil turns you soul darker and darker. Here resides Queen Maxilinia, Ruler of the Night. She is so powerful that the gods cower in fear at her powers.
Castle of Shadows This dark castle has remained hidden for centuries, the residents of Esdragen would like it to stay that way.
The Nine Circles of the Underworld This is the fearsome and firey nine circles of the underworld. Each circle closer to the center gets more frightening and adventurous. When you feel strong, brave, lucky and maybe a little crazy travel to its depths to fight the creature of all damnation.
Shadow Heights In the battles between good and evil between the portal of light and darkness arose the evil Raiven, Lord of Darkness. He vowed to bring darkness to all of Esdragen by destroying Risihert, but he was unsucessful. Risihert imprisoned him in the wastelands never to leave his home again. Now it has been discovered, and he wants to become free again.
Thraxian Kingdom and the Dwarven Mines Somewhere nestled in the light realm is a fantastic mine. It is maintained by dwarves. The mine itself has a rich history and a wonderful legend behind its existence.

Realm of Darkness areas currently being coded

Lava Dogs A great volcano has been discovered in the Realm of Darkness. Massive, terrifying creatures inhabit its sweltering depths.
Maxpary Complex An underground cave system has been discovered near the mountains. Inside are strange, territorial creatures never seen on the outside.

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