Town of Armland

Armland is a peaceful town in the center of all Esdragen. At each of the four ends of Armland, are magical portals which lead into the Realms. In town, you will find a variety of shops, and other businesses to assist you in your adventure. Town is surrounded by a dense forest, which holds many dark secrets, many are yet to be discovered. There is never a boring moment in Armland, from going to the carnival, to looting corpses in the graveyard, you are sure to find something that meets your interests.

Areas in Armland that are Currently open for players

The Town of Armland

Armland is a small town filled with shops and stores of all kinds. It is nestled in a magical forest secluded from everything else.

Esdragen Swamp A dark and dangerous swamp, also the location of Dr Arcane's laboratory.

Newbie Carnival

Hurry Hurry Hurry! Step right up! Esdragen Carnival is a place for fun, adventure, and some unexpected magic. So, grab your cotton candy and head for the Carnival!


Carnival (2) is even more fun than the first. Come and see the sights! But beware of the magic. It is a little more unexpected than the first carnival.

The Esdragen Carnival

Come one, come all, Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! The Esdragen Carnival brings us the most danger, fun and deadly magic in all the land!

Haunted Cemetery

This is a nice little place to visit. If you want to fight the stuff that nightmares are made of!

Chess Board

This is a life sized chess board, for newbie sized players. It has realistic chess pieces with a determination not to give up their ground.

Town of Jordan

Deep in the forests of Esdragen you can find a special eagle that will take you to the floating island and the Town of Jordan. The town offers a variety of shops and places to explore.

Enchanted Forest

Are you looking for a NEW and ever changing area? Seek out the Enchanted Forest! A newly discovered section of the Armland Forest.

Gargoyle's Castle

Deep within the Enchanted forest, and beyond a deadly deep moat, you will find a dark and dangerous castle. It is home of the Gargoyles, although they seem to be harmless statues you will be lucky should you survive.

Halfling Fortress

Deep into the lower west side of the Armland forest thrives a fortress. It is full of life but the inhabitants keep to themselves. These peaceful Halflings work and play behind their towering walls.

Forest Tower

In the Armland forest you will find the tower of an ingenious blacksmith. His tower has been there for centuries containing safes and awesome weapons. When his tower and land were taken from him by his evil wife the forest was no longer safe from his creations.

Armland Graveyard

This is the home of Jake. He keeps the Graveyard filled with fresh corpses for the Zombies to feed on. In the graveyard you may just run into your own face. Only it will be a bit decayed and look more like a zombie!


This is a system of caves that you might find a little hard to navigate through. But with perseverance you will reach the maze, which offers another challenge. Ultimately you will reach the road to the castle. What is ahead in the castle should finish your journey.

Enchanted Maze

It is also know as the Maze of Illusion. It is a huge area that will rock your day!. It is filled with mystery and a touch of Esdragen magic. Are you looking for beasts that will challenge your fighting abilities, then visit the Enchanted Maze.

Armland Play Ground

On the northern side of Armland, a new playground has been built. All the children of Esdragen now go there to spend their days playing. New comers are always welcome, despite the nasty bullies.

The Sewers of Esdragen

This is a complicated underground system of sewers. Beware of the huge toxic rats and the deformed monsters that wonder beneath the streets of the peaceful town of Armland!

Andres Magic Tower

Many things lie deep with the Forests of Armland but none are as unknown as to who or what lives in this strange tower. There is only speculation of what is there but some believe there is a great magic user in the tower.

Armland Opera House

One of Armland's cultural jewels, the Armland Opera House was established over five centuries ago. Built underground since its predecessor was torched, it is an architectural marriage between dwarves and elves. Little has changed since its earliest days, including its oubliettes and "rumored" catacombs that lurk somewhere beneath its structure. Performances are on going daily for those of the cultural spirit. Angry shades are still looming, for those of the adventuresome spirit.

Elven Village

This is a quite and peaceful village in the Northern Forests. Little woodland creatures keep the elves company in their small village. It is not much of a place but it is good enough for the elves.

Diamond Orchard

This is the sanctuary of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. Her altar is also located somewhere within the orchard.

Dream Valley

A magical valley filled with brightly colored, magical beings. Younger  adventurers are advised to stay in the main valley and to leave the adults alone.

Giant Garden

A giant sized garden, full of giant sized garden creatures. Giant fun for pint sized adventurers.

Glass Garden

In a quiet section of Armland, there is a strange garden.  Years ago, it's said that a master craftsman locked himself inside of its walls, to focus on his work. Now, there are rumors circulating that the glassworks come to life.

Tommy's House

This small house is home to a little boy named Tommy.


Watch your back.

Wrong Side of the Rainbow

Not all is happy in Dream Valley.  The little ponies harbor a dark secret. Slide down the rainbow to see what they refuse to talk about.


Magic is an area that is filled with magic and adventurer. It is hidden away in a dense forest in the southwest part of Armland. In here you must battle against all types of magic good, evil, the living and the dead, but perhaps most deadly, against the elements that have been brought to life with magical power.


Areas in Armland that are currently being coded

Lost Island of Esdragen Thieves There is a tiny Island just off the shores of Esdragen. Long ago a band of thieves set off to this island with their stolen riches to make a home for themselves.
Daggerfall Castle The Cerilians have taken up residence in Esdragen's massive forest. They will attack all they perceive as a threat.
Textile Mill A cloth factory that has been invaded. Someone is needed to go into the depths and clean it out for the workers.
Esdragen Shores The waters off the coast of Esdragen are just as magical as the land.
Chronodragon A chronodragon to the northeast of Armland has begun to awaken.
Gypsy Caravan The current home of Esdragen's gypsies.
Sunken Ship Many years ago, a cargo ship sunk off the coast of Esdragen.
Coral Castle Many of the sea's most wondrous inhabitants live here.
Friendship Gardens New ponies are moving into Dream Valley and have discovered a new little valley to call their own.

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