If for some reason you quit playing Lost Wishes, or become angry with the staff or players here, or if you get removed, for any reason, gifts cannot be refunded. We do appreciate your donations, and hope that you have no reason to become displeased with the mudding environment which we have created for your enjoyment. As well, people who contribute to Lost Wishes, are not entitled to anything or any special treatment while playing the game. Any items/abilities you may receive remain the property of Lost Wishes and can be changed or taken away at any time. Always the latest version of this disclaimer applies. Any items/abilities you may receive can not be transfered to other characters. The only exception is when you suicide your character, we may transfer them, ONLY ONCE, and you must request it and get confirmation before suiciding. (or pay a transfer fee!) And one more time, No Refunds for any reason! A gift is a gift!
Last modified: Thu Apr 19 14:28:43 CEST 2007